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Japan Rail Pass – The Best and Cheapest Way to Discover Japan

The Best and Cheapest Way to Discover Japan Japan Rail Pass All Aboard! Popular destinations in Japan are all spread over the country. To make the most of your visit, you want to minimize the time you spend traveling from one place to another. The Japan Rail Pass is the best way to do this! […]

Travel Budget Report – February 2013

Travel Budget Report – February 2013 Toshl test

Secret Garden Hotel Cambodia

{rating}   Secret Garden Hotel Cambodia We stayed at this very very nice hotel Secret Garden Hotel Cambodia and we loved it a lot!  We stayed at this very very nice hotel and we loved it a lot! We stayed at this very very nice hotel and we loved it a lot! We stayed at this very […]

Borneo: Think wider and grow wilder

Borneo: Think wider and grow wilder As a city girl from Shanghai, fresh air and simple friendly local people etc. are always attractive on vacation, but during the trip in Borneo, the most splendid sensation is to feel the nature. I rarely had the chance to walk through the jungle, see the viper and even […]

Fish Head Soup + Recipe

Fish Head Soup + Recipe This is the story about the time we met this crazy guy who made us a soup. It tasted so good, we want to share the recipe with you! It’t really easy to make. 3.2.1226  

Chinese New Year – the Year of the Water Snake is upon us!

Chinese New Year The Year of the Water Snake is upon us… And here we go again with the test posts. This one is to test the automatic post function to our Twitter and Facebook account. Pretty sweet, isn’t it? Last night we had noodle soup that costed us 15 yuan  each! When we arrived […]


This is about the time we were in Borneo. it was very nice   and also amazeballs   peace out test 123


Japan Test

Kuala Lumpur

Nice and good food yo!   I want to go back 1 day just for the weekend and the food hahaha   this was another test by mai si jia

Shanghai, Shanghai

This is our current home, and it is from here that I write the first post as a test to check out how it looks and feels around here.   I hope you will enjoy your time here, I will for sure!   thanks and take care, Sieghart