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What is Instagram?

“Instagram is a fun and quirky way to share your life with friends through a series of pictures. Snap a photo with your mobile phone, then choose a filter to transform the image into a memory to keep around forever.”

Well, that’s what Instagram says it is…

For us it’s been a wonderful little app we’ve been using on our iPhones since the day we got them.

In case you want to join: get it for your iPhone or Android smartphone.

Instagram @yiyuzhou

 Mint blossom  Escada opening event  With Brazilian super model Ana at Mont Blanc party  Imperial palace in Shen yang  Beautiful nature in Shangri-La  Yak in Shangrila  Super moon in Dali  My new favorite!  Mr. Waffle*4  Sunset in phuket island  100% success rate on basil  A little vintage element for the night    Natural handmade candle that also can be used as hand cream  #mustache  现做的糯米团,超好吃!  Happy valentines day  Beijing hot pot mmmm!  Met @garypeppergirl on @lanecrawford opening night!  Flying into heaven...  Eco friendly hut#Andaman Islands  Souvenirs from Andaman Islands    Coin of 1897 and now it's a ring    Fake beach and Waterhouse  Birthday gift    On job learning

Instagram @siegmich

 Top cut tenderloin via @kateandkimi cooked saignant with grilled garlic slices and homegrown rosemary. Nothing to add.  Petit dejeuner! Merci beaucoup @no196tri and @genkij  Meet our MOONWAFFLES !!  Dali, Yunnan. #goprophotography  Kunming, Yunnan  Like a boss  Friday Night after you've turned 30...  Summer in Shanghai  1987  #nofilter  Geen probleem, Bartje!  The chairman  Christmas Market! Come taste our waffles  Pretty ladies for the Grand Opening all new Lane Crawford @ Times Square Shanghai  Authentic Belgian Waffles in Shanghai! Order our October promotion! #zaishanghai :)  #zaishanghai  That's my man!                  Shanghai. DJ Falcon. Metallica & groupies. Business as usual...  Is there anybody out there?      Double Belgian #belgianwaffleinchina